Araldite In Action
4 Things You Never Thought Araseal Could be Used for

Many-a-times, either due to accident or intentionally, we break things that hold value to us. Maybe it is the china that was gifted to us by our relatives or plumbing that came loose because our dogs thought the bottom of the sink was a nice place to rest (and play).

Regardless of the situation, we have the perfect solution (or in this case, resin putty) to fix your problem!

A solvent-free, safe to use epoxy putty, that sets itself like cement, but is as versatile as glue when it comes to its area of use. Be it a break in the wall or the handle of a teapot or even something as obscure as a gap in a tile; there is nothing Araseal can’t fix.

But let’s talk unorthodox, solutions you might not have thought of before. Here are four different scenarios where Araseal will act as your best ‘putty’ in need.

For the homemaker in you: Planning on putting a fresh coat of paint on your living room wall but don’t have the time to fill the nail holes with cement? The ‘solution’ of the future is here. Just use some Araseal to fill in the holes, and voila! Your wall is ready to be painted.

For the self-fixer: Weather change from winter to summer can lead to a lot of pulling and pushing on metals due to the change in temperatures. Pipe bursts are a common occurrence during this time. But with Araseal, the self-fixer in you can breathe a sigh of relief. It’s water-resistance, and impeccable strength can fix any leak.

For the artist in you: In Japanese culture, when crockery breaks, it is often fixed with gold to highlight perfection in their imperfections. Well, we have white gold too, in Araseal. Take that broken vase that holds sentimental value and fix it with Araseal and its super strength.

For the love of cars:Sometimes your car will receive minor dents that are too small to take to the repair company but too big to be ignored. Here’s where Araseal comes into play, helping you do the bodywork yourself.

You’ll need a filler (Araseal), a durable epoxy resin that can be shaped and sanded, a separate glaze to smoothen out the fill, and a prime to seal the deal. All that you will need after this is a matching paint to complete the repair job. We will be honest, this process can take time, but the love for your car and the cut on your costs is worth it. Trust us.

And to think, this is just the tip of the iceberg. With its range of uses, Araseal is an essential fixer-upper that should be handy in every home.