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5 DIY Ganpati Decor Ideas We Love

2020 was marked by a pandemic and saw low-key celebrations during the festive season. Yet the aura and vibe during Ganeshotsav was magical to say the least, with nothing getting in the way of people celebrating Ganpati in their own unique way. While some people decided to mellow down their usual approach towards decorations, some went ahead and created the best out of what they had. Here are 5 Ganpati decor ideas that we loved from this year’s celebrations.

1. Ganpati Mukut

Team Gobblegrams decided to add a stunning DIY mukut giving  glory to their Ganesha decor. All they used were a  piece of paper and metal sheet, some beads and stones and Araldite Klear. Voila! The mukut was ready to be crowned.

2.  Mala

This stunning DIY mala added a festive sparkle to DIY artist Summati’s Ganpati idol and how. With just a few beads, some gems, artificial diamond strings,  Araldite Standard Epoxy and Araldite Klear, she effortlessly created this dazzling masterpiece.

3. Mirror Pooja Thali

Everyone has a pooja thali handy for the festival. But imagine an artistic mirror thali instead of a regular one. Cool isn’t it? All Ankita Rai used was a circular mirror, an embroidery hoop, some artificial flowers, Plaster of Paris, two shot glasses, some acrylic spray paint, Araldite Standard Epoxy and Araldite Klear. All this and your beautiful pooja thali is ready.

4. Fruit Basket

The fruits that we serve to Lord Ganesha during the festival could be kept in a beautiful DIY basket instead of a regular one. DIY artist Sonakshi preferred upcycling a regular container along with some jute strings, beads, circular mirror pieces, Araldite Standard Epoxy and Araldite Klear to make this gorgeous fruit basket.

5. Embellished Pooja Thali

Decor Blogger Disha Mishra Dubey transformed a regular pooja thali into a dazzling embellished one. With just some embellishments, a diya stand, Araldite Standard Epoxy and Araldite Klear, she made a superb work of art instead of a regular aarti thali. 

Want to know how they made these beautifully artistic pieces with Araldite?

Here’s what they used:

  1. Araldite Standard Epoxy 
  2. Araldite Klear
  3. Pasting stick (in some cases)
  4. Working gloves

Directions to use:

  1. Clean: Wipe the surfaces to be bonded
  2. Mix: Equal quantities of resin & hardener
  3. Apply: Coat the mixture on the items
  4. Fix forever: Let it dry properly

Did you try making a DIY project for Ganesh Chaturthi yourself? Do let us know in the comments section!