Araldite In Action
A Woman on a Mission to Save her Favourite Necklace

Being a journalist, my work involves a lot of travel. Which means when there is a story that needs to be covered, I am away for days at a stretch. Not that I’m complaining, I love the travel, but it generally means that I come back to a messy house.

This time around, I thought I’ll start by cleaning my wardrobe (which is mostly overflowing with things!).

Sometimes I really think I need a whole new planet to store my belongings, but I think I’ll leave that up to Elon Musk!  As soon as I opened the wardrobe to get started, things came tumbling down on me, and I heard a bang. I found my jewellery hanger on the floor along with all of my favourite pendants and earrings.  My beautiful cyan stone pendant (a gift form my mother) came off instantly. But I wasn’t ready to part ways anytime soon, so I embarked on a mission to fix it!

After a quick hunt for a quick and easy solution on how to fix jewellery, I came across a  Vlogs where someone recommended Araldite® Klear®

I checked up with my nearby hardware store & they handed me a small pack with clear instructions on how to use to the product.

For those of us who want the best of the job but don’t have much patience, this product is the best.

Sets in JUST 5 minutes!