The legacy of our constant growth and development is built around a colossal range of adhesive solutions that assist you in creating strong and effective bonds. We have all that you need to unleash your full potential in building households and industries.
Stone Contractor
With bonds that measure up to your drive, our wide range of high-performance products cater to all your building needs and help you construct better. Our product range offers you everything you need to achieve greatness, from a rock-solid bond to a smooth and glossy finish.
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Your talent calls for a bond that can help you shape your masterpiece right from scratch. Our range is specially formulated to bond wood, plywood, decorative laminates and build furniture.
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If you are looking for a powerful bond for minor yet essential fixings at home, we bring you the toughness and strength to ensure sealing with ease. Now you don't have to leave your home as this easy to apply range can be used by anyone, anywhere.
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