Araldite In Action
Here are 4 things that Mini Mathur swears by

Popular television host, actor and model, Mini Mathur shares Araldite’s love for recycling and upcycling products! “Everything has a story to tell”, she says. In this blog post, we will look at 4 things that Mini Mathur absolutely swears by and how she truly follows Araldite’s philosophy of ‘Repair don’t replace’.

1) Her Tea Cup Collection

Mini Mathur loves to collect teacups from places she visits.  One of her teacups which she had picked up from London, had developed a crack. Continue reading to find out what she did with it. 

2)Wabi Sabi 

Mini believes in the Japanese philosophy of Wabi Sabi, which says that imperfections should be embraced. Which is why, when a tea cup from her collection was damaged, she upcycled it into a really pretty plant hanger using Araldite Klear

3)Ceramic Drill

Being a DIY enthusiast, Mini loves to put up ceramic plates on her wall and uses a ceramic drill to make holes in them. Read on to see how she used the ceramic drill to repurpose her tea cup and saucer and gave it a new lease of life.


Araldite enjoys pride of place in Mini’s toolbox. She calls the adhesive her toolbox essential which not only helps her fix broken objects but also relive the memories associated with them.

Want to know how Mini Mathur transformed her damaged ceramic tea cup with Araldite?

Here’s what she used:

  1. Araldite Klear
  2. Araldite masking tape (in some cases)
  3. Working gloves

Step 1: Clean
After making holes in the saucer using a ceramic drill, Mini cleaned and dried the surfaces with a cloth.

Step 2: Mix
Now, she mixed the resin and hardener together.

Step 3: Apply
She applied a coat of the mixture on to the bottom of the tea cup .

Step 4: Fix Forever
Now, she placed the tea cup on the saucer and let it dry. In just 5 minutes, the cup is fixed to the saucer and the planter is ready.