Araldite In Action
How I Gave my Cafe a Complete Makeover!

Ever since I was a young boy, I have dreamt of being the chef in my own cafe, serving everyone delicious Italian food cooked to perfection. Over the course of my life, I worked towards making my dream come true. And let me tell you, it wasn’t easy.

Everything had to be done bit by bit. Leasing a property, buying the tables and the chairs, doing up the decor for the perfect ambience, assembling the kitchen. It has been a gamble and a ride, but one that paid off. Thirty years of me working hard and voila! It’s has finally come together.

I always thought this struggle would lead to a happy ending. But like every business, there are continuous ups and downs.

Within the first few months, I realized that expecting customers to be careful while using things around the cafe was a far fetched dream. Not just customers but even the staff! Toppled chairs that left scratches on the paint, food, and water on the table that left its mark. Being a cafe owner comes with its own challenges, I guess. Part and parcel really, but at this rate, I’d have to change all the furniture after 6 JUST months.

I needed an easy and long-lasting fix. That is when a friend recommended using Colour Spray from Araldite.

All I had to do was:

  1. Put on a safety mask to protect me from fumes
  2. A pair of gloves to avoid getting any colour on my hands
  3. Grab a can of Araldite Colour Spray and go on a painting spree!

I couldn’t believe the results! All my furniture looks as if nothing ever happened

It was like opening a brand new cafe again.

I almost forgot the best part. Those pesky watermarks and food stains? They’re no longer an issue as you can see for yourself: :