Araldite In Action
How I Saved my Most Prized Possession!

Since I was a young boy, football was one of my biggest passions. Watching it and especially playing it! In fact, my very first memory is of me running behind a football when I could barely walk properly.

From the little toddler running behind a football to a young schoolboy who would make sure he went to play no matter how hot or cold it was, to the captain of the college football team, my passion and love for football had been a constant.

I still remember the day I received the acceptance letter for a summer training camp with my favourite football player, and I was over the moon!

The three months I spent at the camp were the best ever, but the fact that I was named best player and awarded a plaque signed by Fernando Torres himself was what made it all even better!

Last weekend, while cleaning my room, I accidentally knocked over the plaque I was awarded at the camp, and I was absolutely heartbroken.

I wasn’t ready to part ways with such a significant piece of my childhood, so I decided to fix it immediately!

I headed down to the nearest hardware store and the shopkeeper handed me a tube of Araldite Standard and some masking tape.

The instructions on the packaging were very easy to follow. All I had to do was:

  1. Mark the area that needs to be glued with masking tape
  2. Squeeze out the glue from the tube and apply it to the area
  3. Place the piece that needs to be glued back and press it firmly
  4. Remove the masking tape marking the area and secure the two pieces together with some more tape, so the glue holds firmly  
  5. Sit back and wait!

Just five steps, a 30-minute wait, and my most prized possession was as good as new!