The journey to excellence is driven through craftsmanship and zeal and is built on the pillars of efficient solutions. Aspiring the same greatness, we put constant effort into creating sustainable products. Adhering to our promise of creating speciality components, we aid our customers in replacing traditional materials with advanced solutions to help them create more and create better.
Electrical and Electronics

In this age of advancing technology, we dedicate ourselves to build products that fulfill the most complex Electrical Engineering challenges of OEMs. Our broad range of products is rooted throughout the energy power chain, from power generation to distribution.

Years of industry expertise and know-how of our team helps us develop epoxy and polyurethane systems capable of answering the most stringent requirements for electronic applications. Our extensive range of products is deeply embedded in the production cycle of circuit boards and electronic devices, ensuring protection, safety and sustainability of equipment.

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Our wide range of high-performance products and composite resin systems are designed to serve manufacturers, pre-peggers, and OEMs with lighter, safer and better-performing systems. Being a leading industry driver, we continuously encourage and enhance your overall productivity and sustainability, including our strategic interests on e-mobility.
Our extensively qualified products are trusted by OEMs and part producers to make lighter, stronger and more energy-efficient aircraft. Adhering to the promise of transforming the world together, we build products that qualify to match the requirements of next-generation commercial aircraft.
When the bonds that hold the world together are at stake, we deliver nothing but the best — our wide portfolio of adhesives answers to the needs of more than 20 different industries. At Araldite®, we constantly strive to make products that push the boundaries of human limitations.
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Being an industry leader, we have built a legacy of creating quality components, formulations and solutions for powder and liquid end product line that match the extensive needs of architectural, transportation and marine industry for superlative performance. Boasting the broadest portfolio of epoxy resins, we continually commit ourselves to make our systems environmentally friendly.
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We have built a legacy in serving the wind turbine industry with our formulated systems for blade, turbine and mould makers. We feature a comprehensive range of lighter, stronger and longer-lasting materials made for enabling projects that aspire greatness in the domestic and global market.
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