Araldite In Action
Kunal Khemu repaired his daughter's dollhouse and created some serious dad goals

Kunal Khemu and his daughter Inaaya are the internet’s latest daddy-daughter goals. Whether it’s their uncanny resemblance or their goofy camaraderie, they are winning hearts across the country. Kunal, who is a firm believer in repairing and upcycling things instead of throwing them away, repaired Inaaya’s dollhouse and gave her a wonderful surprise.

The bed of Inaaya’s doll house broke into 2 pieces. Like any other child she was rather upset and fussy about it. That’s when Kunal decided to step into his daddy duties.

So, while she was having her afternoon nap like any other toddler her age,  Kunal decided to fix Inaaya’s dollhouse in order to teach her the importance of repairing things. He fixed the broken bed of her dollhouse using Araldite Standard Epoxy, his go-to adhesive for fixing and repairing.

Repairing her dollhouse with Araldite

Want to know how Kunal Kemmu repaired his daughter's damaged dollhouse with Araldite?

So here’s what he used:

  1.  Araldite Standard Epoxy
  2. Pasting stick 
  3. Working gloves

Step 1: Clean
First, Kunal cleaned and dried the surfaces of the two pieces of the dollhouse bed with a cloth.

Step 2: Mix
Now, he mixed the resin and hardener together.

Step 3: Apply
He applied a coat of the mixture on to the broken section of the toy bed.

Step 4: Fix Forever
Now, he placed the broken section on the bed and let it dry. After a few hours, the toy bed was fixed and was ready to be placed in the dollhouse.