Araldite In Action
Light up your Diwali with this DIY Lamp

Diwali is just around the corner. And this calls for all the lights in the world to be lit up in order to celebrate the festival. So, while there are many types of lights available in the market, we thought you might want to give them a miss and try your hand at this amazing DIY Lamp to make things more special. Here’s how DIY Bloggers Varsha Nair and Vivek Wagh turned ordinary household items into an illuminating handmade lamp. What’s more is that this simple upcycling idea is not time-consuming at all and can be used all through the year as a pretty addition to your home decor. 

Here’s what you will need:

  1. Jute rope
  2. A ball
  3. 3 twigs
  4. Cutter
  5. Araldite Standard Epoxy
  6. Bulb light
  7. Optional – Decorative objects such as black pebbles

Step 1: Clean
First, wipe the ball clean with a cloth. Also wipe the bottom of the twigs and holder.

Step 2: Mix
Now mix the resin and hardener of Araldite Standard Epoxy on a piece of unused tile. Apply this mix to the jute wire and stick it around the ball till the entire ball is wrapped by the jute wire. Now let it dry.

Step 3: Apply
In the meantime, apply the mix to the bottom of the twigs and stick it to the rectangular holder and let it dry too. While it is drying, cut a hole on the jute wire ball and deflate the ball inside using a cutter. Once deflated, remove the remains of the ball and keep the jute wire ball aside

Step 4: Fix Forever
Once both the jute ball and the lamp holder have dried off, place some black coloured pebbles into the cavity of the holder. Now insert the bulb through the hole made earlier to remove the ball. Once the bulb is inserted, place the jute ball between the twigs on the lamp holder and plug the switch into the switchboard. Now turn on the bulb and enjoy the light show!

If you are interested in creating some cool and funky DIY items during the festive season, make sure you keep Araldite Standard and Klear handy as your creative partners. Get shopping!