Araldite In Action
"Super Mom" at my son's birthday party

Picture this. A summer afternoon in New Delhi with temperatures touching 40 degrees and I have the task to host my son’s 5th birthday party.

After a long morning of running errands, picking up the decorations and most importantly, the birthday cake and I wasn’t anywhere near being done.

There are streamers and balloons spread across my living room, and the pool is yet to be filled with water.

After a whirlwind decoration spree and the house ready to host a fun birthday party, I move on to the next mammoth task, the filling up the pool.

Luckily my husband had inflated the pool before he took the kids to the park; all I had to do was connect it to the pipe and fill it up.

But as soon as I turned on the faucet, the pipe started spraying water in all directions! I had a pesky leak to deal with (and a pretty severe one at that).

I immediately turned off the water and hurried into the kitchen to grab my husband and my go-to leak fixer, Araseal GP.  I was confident that I could save the day in just three steps.

  1. Prepare the pipe: I grabbed a rag cloth to clean the leak and make sure it was dry and rid of dirt.
  2. Prepare the putty: I cut off a small section from the tube and started to rub it together with the tips of your fingers until the colour became even, and it was soft enough to be applied.
  3. Apply the putty: I spread the soft putty around the leaky pipe, making sure there was an excess of it over the crack and extend it along the pipe as far as I could.

After letting the putty dry for an hour, I was back on track! The leak was fixed, and the pool was filling up, just in time for me to open the door to an army of hungry 5-year-olds.

Thank you, Araldite, for making me Super Mom at my son’s birthday!