Araldite In Action
The reason why Ranveer Brar fixed his broken plate!

Beloved celebrity chef Ranveer Brar is known across India for his unique recipes and gorgeous ways of plating food. So what did he do when one of his most cherished plates broke? Simply bought a new one you’d think, right? Well, not quite! Here’s the reason behind what makes this particular plate so special and how he managed to upcycle not just the utensil but the sweet memories behind it as well.

Food is never just food. It’s history. It’s love. It’s a whole lot of memories. And memories can never just be thrown away. When Ranveer was a kid his grandmother used to carefully preserve the broken plates instead of throwing them away. And he would always wonder why. One day he finally asked her the reason behind this. The answer was so simple and yet so powerfully heartfelt. She said that a simple plate also held some really cherished memories – be it family dinner times, or serving a loved one’s favourite food.  If you threw it away, you’d be throwing away all those moments too. This really struck a chord with Ranveer and he kept up this tradition of repairing instead of replacing things. 

That’s why he keeps Araldite as a part of his tool kit – who knows when it might come in handy, right? After all, bonds that last forever also need some special attention from time to time.

Broke a favourite plate in that last dinner party of yours? Feel inspired by Ranveer Brar and fix it with these easy steps.

So here’s what he used:

  1. Araldite Standard Epoxy
  2. A wooden stick
  3. The broken plate

How to go about fixing:

Step 1: Clean
First, Ranveer carefully cleaned and dried the surfaces of the broken plate.

Step 2: Mix
Then he mixed the resin and hardener together.

Step 3: Apply
He applied a coat of the epoxy glue mixture on the broken surface with the wooden stick .

Step 4: Fix Forever
Now, he joined the two broken parts together and let it dry. That’s it! That’s all it took to make the plate as good as brand new.